Davy Cowan
Davy Cowan



I’m lost, in the fog, In the sea

I’m the light, In the dark, You can't see

It's hard to fight, When you're empty

I feel helpless, I cant save you, can you save me


I’m a father, I'm a son, I’m a friend

I’m a man, Who stands tall, I get there in the end

At night all alone with my thoughts

I’m a ship, Broken up on the rocks


Oh take me home, Oh I'm so alone


I'm a bird in the sky, hear my call

Then I crash to a stop, the waves break my fall

My eyes are shut, but I dont sleep

As thousands are lost in the floods I'm unable to weap




I keep waiting

For, spiritual awakening

Our World, keeps on turning

When all around, buildings burning

I cry! Oh Lord! but no one listening


I’m sand on a beach, A fish in a pond

With so many Gods In our world

Surely one can respond.

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Live Shows

  • May 31
    Johnny Foxes,  Inverness
  • Jun 1
    THE ARCH INN,  West Shore Street
  • Jun 8
    MARKET BAR,  Inverness
  • Jun 14
    MacCallums,  Inverness
  • Jun 15
    The Gellions,  Inverness