Davy Cowan The State Bar Glasgow 30th October 2015

A small intimate venue holding approx. 80 people was the setting for two Scottish songwriters: Scott MacDonald and Davy Cowan. Stripped back from their normal settings with only a guitar to support them (with the occasional stomp box and harmonica) both musicians split the evening with two 30-40 min sets to keep the evening fresh. Kicking the evening off was Davy Cowan who traveled down from the Highlands and fresh from his day of busking in Glasgow. Many will know Davy from his other work with the Storm Chasers and Coinneach, however he was wearing his solo hat tonight to promote his new album Working Man’s Dream. Normally seen towering over the audience, Davy chose to keep it intimate by sitting down, however that did not stop his performance any. Kicking off with the first track of the album Working Man – that harked back to the old protest songs of the 60’s and 70’s – Davy showcased his unique voice that can only be described as a strange mix of Highland grit and Americana twang. A few of his songs showcased his influences from other musicians such as Town That I Love with hints of Passenger from Iggy Pop and Tender Sleep giving a comfortable backdrop of Chris Rea’s Road to Hell, however the lyrical content woven into these stories allows you to sit back and enjoy the moments captured. Davy’s overall song-writing style is very straightforward and does not clutter it up unnecessary flashy lyrics to show to show off his songs. What you get here is an honest man singing honest songs and the crowd reacting to it…honestly. Moving effortlessly from soft songs such as In-Dependence (about alcoholism), It’s Summertime and rockier Will You Ever Learn, Davy keeps his audience tuned in with short tales before moving on. From a performing point of view a few personal favorite songs of mine, a cover of Tom Paxton’s Ramblin’ Boy (which technically Davy is) and Answerphone Song.

Reviewed by Paul McCluskey Celtic music Radio

A review of Davy Cowan and amaSing, Sunday 1st September 2013

“Davy’s Working”

This session finds local troubadour Davy Cowan in very finevoice. One of the best performances of the festival has Davy rolling back the years with songs familiar to most and bringing things bang up to date by treating this audience to new material from his recent album release, Working Man’s Dream.

On that note, if there is a harder working man around at the moment I’d like to meet him; if Davy isn’t playing a gig then he’s travelling to it. The new material was well received and having heard him recently at Belladrum it is now well bedded into his set and sits really comfortably with his extensive back catalogue. An enthusiastic audience were singing along, stamping their feet, whooping and hollering.

From Davy’s point of view, he really enjoyed the performance and was impressed by the quality of the sound – a round of applause from Davy to the sound engineers

Start of Davy's Journey-Higland News 23/04/11

OUTSIDE, the destination sign on the bus of fans from hometown Invergordon didn't say The Journey after all on Saturday.

But for DAVY COWAN's launch gig for his album The Journey, the sign wasn't needed at the Ironworks, Inverness,

The set from the whole gig was exactly that a journey taking in a lifetime of music.

Songs from the new album were mixed with songs from way back into his Coinneach days. And even one of the big hitters from his new album, Wood For The Trees, turned out to have a 12-year backstory, Davy revealed.

Onstage, his band The Stormchasers revealed friends old and newer, with Robin Abbot on bass Derek Urquhart on drums, Steve Spence on keyboards and Rachael Lewtas on fiddle and tambourine.

And in the crowd were some former Coinneach members.

So if there is such a thing as a gig version of This Is Your Life, Saturday was it.

Introducing song 16 And Reckless, Davy said: "This is dedicated to my five children!"

Two of the grown sons feature in one of Davy's supports on the night, band Def Con One which also has its own newly-released four-track EP to sell.

And with a couple of dedications to people no longer with us, Davy mentioned:"Uncle Sam who died this afternoon" as well as old Eric who had inspired his catchy ode to the last man at every party Gatecrasher.

There was a cheeky sense of playing to friends from Davey, who took the gig to reveal that friends had reckoned he'd pinched the chords for Home In The Town I Love In The Rain from Iggy Pop's The Passenger. Rolling one into the other, they had a point but the segueway just added to the night, as did the addition of a nifty Johnny Cash Fulsom Prison Blues insert earlier on and Davy's rollicking version of Del Shannon's Runaway.

Advertising men looking out for a nifty jingle might take a look in Davy's direction too It's Summertime "and it's waiting there for you" is a classic earworm, as is Guinness-inspired Black Is The Colour from Coinneach days.

And though his hometown features in several of Davy's songs, with "there's always someone watching you" from Rainy Nights And Back Street Lovers plus new song Watching You's lyrics, maybe he's ne's aware of the other side of small town's charms.

Warmth was the final impression of the show, with support and album advisor Dave Sharp adding his praise that the new album has been completed to Davy's own satisfaction.

And if Davy were to be run over by a bus tomorrow marked The Journey or not at least he wouldn't have to try to equal the power of that gig! Margaret Chrystal-Highland News

The Ironworks Inverness 16/04/2011-Invernessgigs

Davy Cowan is  described on his website as a Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Slinger, Troubadour, Poet, Song & Dance Man. Tonight saw the official launch of Davy Cowan and The Storm Chaser’s album The Journey (16/4/2011).

A quick word about the set up at the Ironworks, the use of curtains, tables and seating allowed the hall to feel comfortably full and created an appropriate space for the audience to respond to the music.

Hanging my head in shame I crept in the door at the end of Dave Sharp’s set (Davy’s thanking of Dave’ssupport in the process of the songs ,for the album ,coming together came across as particularly sincere). Worse still I had missed Defcon One’s first acoustic set but on speaking to Shaun (Vocalist) the set went well, despite the inherent challenges of such a big venue.  Oh and don’t forget they have an EP out which you can get access to here.

Davy’s set was an eclectic mix spanning his various bands including Coinneach and of course the new album. Interestingly, some of the songs that were off the new album had actually evolved or perhaps matured over the last few years. The crowd whilst partisan, clearly lapped up the more upbeat songs such as It’s Summertime and the aforementioned Coinneach material.There were a trio of covers ranging Johnny Cash to Iggy Pop although our favourite was Del Shannon’s Runaway. Some of the other songs had a poignancy, including one provoked by the Tsunami , that truly emphasised the range on offer.

There is no doubt Davy is an entertainer and musician, and tonight emphasised these skills and qualities to a tee.

The Ironworks Inverness 16/04/2011 - Invernessgigs.co.uk