Davy Cowan THE JOURNEY Pictish Pop Records PPCD004 ***1/2 One-time member of Celtic rock band Coinneach, Davy Cowan’s latest solo album, recorded with members of his band the Storm Chasers, is full of inventive, highly personal songs that succeed in being universal. Very much acoustic-based, this ten-song collection is as the title suggests a journey, a journey through one man’s life … the places he’s been, the people he’s known, old memories and optimism for the future. One of the most powerful songs here is Shipwrecked with a plea for help that we can all relate to with a stunning arrangement, especially the rich piano notes. Another standout on an album full of excellent songs is Oh Little Town an evocative song about returning home to a town full of memories. No doubt about it, Davy Cowan is a unique talent and this is a highly listenable album. (Maverick magazine - August 2011 issue)”


Davy’s Moving On DAVY Cowan’s THE JOURNEY invites you along as it travels-through life, emotions, the world and the experiences of one man. Ross-Shire musician Davy has moved on from fronting Celtic rockers Coinneach to forging a solo career as a singer songwriter. The album’s 10 songs have a good flow which make them an ideal travelling companion in the car on a train journey - from hard-hitting songs such as Shipwrecked, The Journey and The Silence Never Sleeps to balance with lighter numbers such as It’s Summertime, a song so sunshiney it could advertise barbecues. But there are songs that face up to tough truths, such as Cant stop The Rain or 1000 & 1. The albums got it’s share of joyful moments, such as O Little Town, beautifully-arranged and about an older man returning home. Moving love song Wood For The Trees is one of the best tracks, while scene-setting opener Sinners & Dreamers is a song where someone who has frittered his life and talents on wine, women and dance reveals he “threw my life away” until “music set me free”. The Journey’s songs are 10 must-see destinations worth exploring and revisiting to appreciate contrasting moods. The album’s live launch is on April 16th at The Ironworks - Margaret Chrystal - Highland News 17/03/2011 ” - Margaret Chrystal

— The Highland News (Davy Cowan - The Journey PPCD004)

The Journey features singer/songwriter Davy Cowan from Invergordon, who may be our only artiste to admit to being a song and dance man. Here, however, with only audio to go on, we can believe he keeps his feet firmly on the ground – though not his imagination, which ranges from thoughts of sin (good start!) through shipwreck, a figurative image representing the things that go wrong with life, to the title track, which deplores the excess of possessions in our modern lives. Given this, and given that all the songs are Davy-written, under the lyrics’ angst there’s a tone of hope and a tone of freedom. It must be the air in Invergordon, or maybe the rain, a theme on which Davy meditates in lyrics and mentions on the insert. He is backed through the thought-provoking trip by his band, The Storm Chasers, i.e., himself plus Rachael Lewtas on fiddle, Derek Urquhart on drums, Alan Leckie on piano and organ, Steve Spence on keyboards and Robin Abbot on bass both electric and upright – a rather large four-piece, as their promo literature calls them. (THE SCOTS MAGAZINE - August 2011)”

The Scots Magazine

The Highlands are blessed with many and various musicians who endeavour to take their songs and tunes to a variety of live venues and events – their commitment to doing this is certainly a factor in the diverse musical culture that we live within. With little doubt, Davy Cowan features highly in doing exactly that – playing in a variety of guises and styles, this enduring and talented singer song writer has compiled and released another album of cracking tunes that pays tribute to his gifts as a tunesmith. Davy has many strings to his bow and from that, a legacy that many of those who enjoy live music will have witnessed in his time as the original frontman in Coinneach to his more recent outings with the Stormchasers (who played much of the instumentation on the album)- Davy also regularly plays the live Highland circuit with various local musicians under various guises such as the very entertaining party fiends “The Crash Banjoes” and alongside Rachel Lewtas (as Davy and Rachel) and is a regular at Belladrum and Loopallu. This beautifully produced album The Journey that has several tracks that Davy confesses to having had about for many years alongside others that are much more contemporary – all of Davy’s writing is clearly heartfelt and much of it is personal and it is evident from talking with him about how much he enjoys sharing his songs despite the very personal feelings that are contained within them. Its genuinely difficult to pick out the stand out tracks on this quite superb collection of tunes which range from catchy (and very radio friendly tunes) to those that more mellow and thoughtful. The Journey is clearly underpinned by the punk/folk roots that Davy has, however the quality of the production on the album demonstrates that tracks like “Can’t Stand the Rain”, “Oh Little Town” and “Watching You” have a level of appeal that crosses many genres and attract those who might not immediately identify with something labelled “folk”. Look forward to Davy touring this album throughout Scotland over the next few months which is available on Pictish Pop Records” - Rikki Selkirk


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