1. On Your Own


Everyday’s a sunny Day
When you’re around the nights just don’t seem long
You filled my days with everything
But now my everything has been & gone
I haven’t heard, your voice, in a while
In fact it’s been so very long
I used to sing out loud but now
I whisper to the shadows on the wall

It’s sad to be alone
There’s no-one left at home
No conversations on the phone
It’s so sad to be alone

This used to be a happy place
You left a smile upon my face oh ho!
At least I have the memories
Of climbing hills & walking miles from home
Through fields & stream & valleys green
The leaves turn brown & then they start to fall
I turn around reach out my hand to you
But realise that you are gone


I know life ain’t a bed of roses
Sometimes it’s like a bed of thorns
The pains the only thing that keeps it real
My broken Heart is snapped & torn
My soul was taken from me
But half of it I gave away for free
In many ways I thank you for these precious years
That you have shared with me